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CoreX Fitness - Leather Weightlifting Belt

The CoreX Weightlifting Belt is perfect for heavy deadlifts, squats etc. Worn around the waist over clothes, this is belt is 4 inches in diameter in the front panel to offer the maximum support possible where needed, shortened to 2½ inches around the waist for easy and comfortable wear. The double buckle ensures a secure closure, offering that peace of mind when attempting heavy lifts. This belt will relieve pressure in your stomach and lower back, therefore helping you to avoid injuries to this area and help to stabilize your spine because of the increased anterior pressure, which are common problems amongst weightlifters. Weight lifting belts aid your lifting performance, giving a wall for your abs to push against and give you a more rigid torso for better transmission of force from the hips to the bar to make the lifting flow easily for you and to provide a more stable foundation for overhead lifts. Because of the leather and suede material, this belt from CoreX is extremely long lasting and can withstand a heavy amount of weight whilst not stretching, fading or cracking. Great to wear whilst doing dead lifts and squats, this belt will support your back and help you distribute the weight evenly while lifting to maximise your workout as much as you possibly can. Used by weight lifters all around the world, the lifting belt is an essential piece of strength and training equipment for not just professionals but weight lifters training at any level.


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Product Code corex56451_X-
Brand corex
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